Are Google Glass already vintage?

With the general market availability of Google Glass, these devices are getting tramendeous media coverage. One concept video of Meta company is just mind blowing. Their 3000$ Meta Pro glasses seem to bring augmented reality to a new level: Holographic interface a la Tony Starck. As a great fan of Tony (and Elon of course ;-) ), I am very impressed to see how quick we can have what Tony Starck is using every day. The glasses are available for pre-order.

99$ Eye Tracking for the masses

January 19, 2014  |  Startups to watch  |  No Comments

Eye tracking is a fantastic system to understand how people look @ your web presence. Coupled with advanced analytics, you can increase your retention or conversion rate. For the last years, the main issue has been the price. Eye Tribe is promising to break the.. 100$. Yes. 99$. I guess that would bring digital design to a brand new level, enabling the masses to have real behavioral analytics.

Augmented Reality pitfalls

August 8, 2012  |  Looking forward  |  1 Comment

Excellent concept video pushed by @korben and Magic Christophe on Augmented Reality potential usage and,well… concerns.

Think this is a not so close future ? Not sure when you look at what Affectiva , a MIT-spinoff startup, is proposing…

Transhumanity in on the road, coming near you in 50 years max.

Microsoft People Productivity Future Vision

October 31, 2011  |  Startups to watch  |  No Comments

In 5-10 years, how will people get things done @ work, home, on the go? here is Microsoft vision.